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What is included?

  • This insurance is a Collision Damage Reimbursement, enabling you to claim back the charges applied in the event of vehicle theft or damage.
  • Covers damage to any part of the vehicle, including the undercarriage, windows, tyres, lost/stolen keys.
  • 'Deluxe' also covers charges resulting from misfuelling.
  • Cover available up to £5.000 ('Standard') and up to £50.000 ('Deluxe').
  • Available to residents of most countries, hiring anywhere in Europe or Worldwide. In respect of Deluxe cover only, includes rentals in your usual country of residence, including home town pickups.
  • For a single hire, Daily rates start from £2,30.
  • If you frequently hire vehicles, we offer Annual multi-trip cover for up to 60 days per rental agreement, starting from £41,00.
  • The Annual Multi-trip option allows up to 4 persons to be named on the certificate, provided they all live at the same address.
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How to claim?

Our internet solution is the quickest and easiest way to submit your claim to us. You will be able to register your claim, enter all the necessary details and upload the documents that will be specified to you.

  • Complete an online form at: www.claimez.com.
  • Have your policy number to hand and quote your scheme code.
  • In the event of an excess charge being made when you return the vehicle, you must pay and retain receipts to claim. Please submit your claim details within 31 days of you being charged by the rental company. You will be asked to provide your Policy Reference and Scheme Code.
  • Documents needed to submit a claim:
    • 1) a copy of your certificate of insurance;
    • 2) a copy of your car rental agreement;
    • 3) a copy of the Law Enforcement/Police report if:
      • a) you are involved in an accident with a third party,
      • b) its required by law in the country where the incident occurs,
      • c) your claim relates to stolen personal possessions.
    • 4) a copy of the car rental company’s accident damage or breakdown report which shows the detail of each of the costs incurred. Photo evidence of the damage, whilst not compulsory, may also assist in ensuring that the amount charged by the car rental company is reasonable;
    • 5) itemised repair invoices/receipts/other documents confirming the breakdown of the amount you have paid in respect of accidental damage or loss for which the car rental company holds you responsible;
    • 6) a copy of your credit card statement showing payment of the damages claimed;
    • 7) a copy of the driving licence of the lead named driver and the person involved in the accident (the driver at the time of the accident).

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Europe: The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, the continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, Madeira, Canary Islands, the Azores, Mediterranean Islands and Non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean (except Algeria, Israel, Lebanon and Libya). Excluding Iceland.
Worldwide: Anywhere in the world excluding Iceland and Jamaica.
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We are currently unable to sell cover to anyone living outside of the UK or EEA.
We hope to have an alternative policy in place soon and apologise for any inconvenience.